The History of

Zum Franziskaner

In the year of 1220 the Franziskaner monks arrived in Stockholm.

Their monastery was situated where the German Church is now.

Beside their spiritual work they also took care of travellers and people in distress.

In 1421 the King Eric von Pommern gave the Franziskaner monks their license to get paid for their services. There within the hostelry Zum Franziskaner was born.

Around 1520 they moved their business to Österlånggatan

which was then the harbor.

Between 1550 and 1600 the old town of Stockholm was enlarged and the Skeppsbron was created and in 1622 The Zum Franziskaner once again found it self at the waterfront at Skeppsbron 44.

In 1628 when the infamous Wasa ship went down, legend has it that the captain

came to Zum Franziskaner to drown his sorrows in beer.

The house we are in now was ready around 1910 and is the

third at the same address.

According to some, The developer Carl Smith had a crying man over a womb sculpted over the entrance because he caught his wife having an affair.

Some of the interior like the art nouveau light fixtures are from the old building

and are over 100 –years old.

In July 2017 we got the chance to aquire the Zum Franziskaner from the Manhold family who has been taking care of it since the early 70’s.

We will do our best to pay respect to the heritage as well as try to bring some new ideas and passion into the Zum Franziskaner.


Stene and crew